Stock Protection Solutions

ABBOS Stock Protection for Pallets 

Easy to use – made to fit your needs

Improve picking rate and order fulfilment

Prevents slips, trips and falls from fallen products

FLTA Environment Award Winner

Cost effective – saves money in damaged stock


ABBOS Stock Protection

Innovative design, easy to use practical solution and cost effective way to protect your stock!

Hundred of millions of pounds of stock is damaged every year and very little is done to prevent it.  ABBOS Stock Protection works for any organisation that stores or distributes delicate stock. Re-usable, sturdy and flexible – the cost effective way to protect your investment – our stock protection is unique as it stays within your warehouse racking and stock is delivered to it instead of lifting the stock into a unit.

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Save time and money

From food and drink to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, Abbos Stock Protection can save your stock from damage, speed up picking and fulfilment and protect your employees!

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The Problem

Stock falling from pallets, costing money in damaged goods and the possible health & safety liability for your employees.

The Solution

ABBOS Stock Protection provides a stock solution for all types of warehousing and industry sectors. Custom made and easily assembled.


Saving Time & Money

Our Stock Protection works with existing racking and protects your valuable stock with its sturdy design.  Covering its costs within months!

Why ABBOS Stock Protection?

We customise the stock protectors to your requirements and work with all your relevant safety standards.  See below or visit our Trial Results page for more reasons to get in touch with us! Call 01604 210775, email us or request a FREE demonstration. 


“A fine example of what our industry is doing to become cleaner and greener.”

“This pallet frame helps reduce breakage and spillage without slowing down operations.”

These comments were from Fork Lift Truck Association Chief Executive, Peter Harvey. 

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